Surface treatment over 30 succesful year experience!

We do blasting with both traditional sand and non-waste (recycled) steel abrasive system which is environmentally friendly.

We do corrosion proofing for all types of material to the standard you stipulate. As part of our service we can also carry out fire retarding paintwork.

With our mobile equipment we can work everywhere in finland and countries nearby. We have surface treated many targets like, ships, car ramps, landing bridges (gangways), tanks, cranes, and other hard targets.

We have been working with some companies for many years and the reasons are to do with our quality, our delivery on time and our personal relationships based on trust.

We believe in the service we deliver.

Should you wish to discover what we can do for you then call or e-mail to us.

Mr Jussi Seikkula

+35840 0592 305

Mr Marko Jalonen

+35840 5238 715