The most effective way to remove rust, old paint or other coatings from surfaces is to blast clean the surface with steel grit.

Phenics Combi is a mobile blast cleaning system that has an integrated vacuum and filtration system to provide an environmentally friendly way to treat surfaces.

The blast-cleaning abrasives can be selected from a variety of recyclable materials.

Ermail is the only company in Finland to provide the Phenics Combi blast cleaning solution.

Benefits of Phenics Combi

  • Generates less dust
  • The amount of waste generated is marginal compared to sandblasting/slag blasting. 
  • The waste generated in the process is automatically sorted into big bags.
  • The system has a vacuum that removes the steel grit from the blasted product. No need for a separate vacuum cleaner or vacuum truck.
  • The system removes impurities from the blasting grit so the grit can be reused.

= Costs and environmental impacts are reduced

Comparison to traditional slag blasting

  Slag Winoa Profilium 45 steel grit
Cleaning efficiency 7 m2 / h 12 + m2 / h
Possible number of applications 1 200
Consumption Sa 2 1/2 40kg / m2 1kg / m2

For example, when cleaning a 1,000 m2 surface:

  • Slag consumption is 40,000 kg and the slag becomes waste.
    Cost: approx. 160-200 EUR/tonne
  • Steel grit consumption is 1,000 kg and the grit turns into steel dust that still has apparent value.