Industrial painting

Ermail has several decades of experience in providing top-quality surface treatment solutions for industrial needs. 

We are best known for the surface treatment of marine structures, but we also provide surface treatment solutions for other industrial needs. In our production facilities in Eurajoki, we are able to process everything from small components up to large 80-tonne units. Our large premises spanning over 3,000 m2, expansive operating field, and storage facilities enable the efficient serial manufacturing of larger blocks as well.

We aim for the highest quality in our work, and in industrial painting, achieving that requires proper pre-treatment. In the pre-treatment phase, the surface is thoroughly cleaned before painting and treated in such a way that the paint adheres firmly. We offer all the abrasive blasting solutions available on the market, including steel grit blasting and traditional sandblasting, as well as Phenics blast cleaning. We are the only company in Finland to offer the innovative Phenics surface treatment solution.

We specialise in a range of spray-painting solutions. We offer anti-corrosion coatings for all stress classes as well as various fire-retardant coatings.

Our surface treatment plants are located in Eurajoki, Rauma and Turku, but we also have portable equipment that allows us to perform our services at our customer sites throughout Finland.