Turnkey services for new structures

Block painting

Ermail Oy has years of experience in block painting ships and other structures. In block painting, the blocks are pre-treated with steel grit blasting and finished with spray-paint in accordance with space-specific painting specifications. Well-planned block painting reduces surface treatment costs incurred during the hull assembly and outfitting phase of the shipbuilding process. 

Equipment painting

After joining the blocks and installing the equipment, the areas will be finished with paint for delivery. With years of experience with cruise ships, car ferries, icebreakers, and military vessels, we have extensive knowledge of the quality and surface treatment requirements for different spaces and structures. 

Our turnkey services ensure fast delivery and maximum cost-efficiency. 

If you are looking for cost-effective solutions and short delivery times, Ermail’s turnkey services are the most efficient and care-free option for you!

Our customers’ new structures:

Aura, Finferries, ro-ro ferry, handed over in 1994 (Mikael Heinrichs, abounderrattelser.fi)

Aurora, Finferries, ro-ro ferry, handed over in 1995 (saaristo.kuvat.fi)

Burj Al Arab, Admares, swimming pool wing, handed over in 2016

Living Quarter Asterix, Almaco, ship superstructure, handed over in 2017

Floating Villa, Admares, floating villa, handed over in 2018 (admares.com)

Floating villas (9pcs), Admares, floating villas, handed over in 2017 (admaresmarine.com)

Hammershus, Mols Line, ro-ro ferry, handed over in 2018

Aurora Botnia, Wasaline, ro-ro ferry, handed over in 2021 

My Star, Tallink, ro-ro ferry, handover in 2022

Costa Smeralda, Costa Cruises, cruiser, handed over in 2019. (Meyer Turku)

Mardi Gras, Carnival Cruises, cruiser, handed over in 2021 (navigatormagazine.fi)

Costa Toscana, Costa Cruises, cruise ship, handed over in 2021. (Meyer Turku)

Carnival Celebration, Carnival Cruises, cruise ship, handover in 2022 (www.cruisecapital.co.uk)

Port equipment: Vuosaari, Turku, Mariehamn, Stockholm, Nynäshamn, Kökar, Katajanokka, Långnäs. (Block installation)

Allas Sea Pool, pontoon swimming pool, handed over in 2016. (Allas Sea Pool)

YIT, Tripla canopies, 2021